Perchair was born to offer you the most incredible assortment of modern chairs to match your unique personality. Starting with a commitment to quality and comfort, we place great importance on design to deliver items with a stylish finish. From designer’s sketch to production line, we search the world and work with top designers to discover inspiration for our colours, prints, textures and ideas. The result is design-conscious chairs that help you express who you are, one room at a time. Come and discover inspirational pieces to fit your vision and elevate your lifestyle with Perchair.

Our Story

When we see a chair, we see more than just another seating option — we see an opportunity to bridge the gap between customer and business, to reconnect people and home, and to create an inspired atmosphere that merges venue and event. Chairs are uniquely personable and for the design-conscious their style is never overlooked.

Enter, Perchair. Launched in 2019, Perchair was founded with the goal to deliver a collection of chairs that go beyond quality and comfort to consider the aspects of your unique style. Tired of seeing people overlook the importance of chairs and how they contribute to an atmosphere, we launched Perchair where chairs are appreciated as the soul of any environment.

Today, Perchair is home to an array of unique chairs recognized internationally to fit any personality. To get there, we work with the most sought-after global designers and use cutting edge technology, and quality materials to create stylish art-inspired designs. It’s no wonder we’ve received design awards from both RED DOT and RED STAR!

As we continue to grow, we promise our commitment to good design and aesthetics to create collections where style and function meet will remain the same. Come express who you are, one room at a time.