Works with foreign designers to bring the best chairs and comprehensive design to delivered extraordinary to user.

Peter Horn (Germany)

Horn Design and Engineering is a famous enterprise of industrial design and product development, gaining endless awards like Red Dot Design Award, IF Design Award and Germany Design Award. Based on Dresden Germany, Horn Design and Engineering has once designed one of the best selling office chairs for the giant office chair enterprises.

Joel Velasquez (Germany)

Joel Velasquez is an industrial designer from ITO Design which is a multinational industrial design studio founded in 1987 by Armin Sander. They have established a strong reputation for good design internationally, with a multinational team working across industries to design original and innovative product and furniture pieces.

Martin Ballendat (Germany)

Martin Ballendat, born in Bochum, Germany in 1958, obtained a degree in industrial design from Folkwang Design School (Essen University). After graduation, he held many important positions in the furniture field. In 1995, he established his personal studio Design Ballendant, leading a talented design team, combining technology, practicality and art in simple design. Famous for simple and elegant design style that keeps pace with the times,  his powerful design vocabulary has won numerous design awards.

Ader Chen (Taiwan)

Ader Chen,worked at Palo Alto  Design  Group San   Francisco at  1995 ,Accurmulated the management experience in Palo Alto Design Group and Flextronics International .Now work in the Xcellent Products International,tilted CCO.For the decades,he always uphold the spirit of “happiness design”.Ader has a wide range of designs,Such as Computer peripgerals,pho toelectric,3C product,household  prducts and ebem firmotire products.2005 begam to design the Zen president table fpr Aurora,which is his outstanding designs in recent years and bring a wonderful sales performance for his clients.Year 2006 and 2007,his Xcellent Products Lnternational design team was invited to attend tje design of Milan international furniture fair.And it is tje only team who was invited in Taiwan.

Nike AO (China)

As founder of Milon Design from China, Ao Lian has concentrated on the design of office chairs and system office furniture since graduation. With solid professional design strength and deep product understanding, he has successfully won honors such as the Top Ten Industrial Designers of Guangdong Province. He believes that only by integrating design into business and raising it to the strategic level of the enterprise, and strategically solving development problems, can it promote business success.

Joyn (Korea)

Design Joyn is the most representative chair designer in Korean,and most of his product are selling well.It is a great advantage of Design Joyn to procuce fashionable products quickly through correct market analysis.Everyone wants the design ,leading the new fashion style,temperance of the curve,the latest popular color,ergonomic design,these are the Design Joyn philosophy of the pursuit of design.

Joe You (China)

Joe You, worked for office furniture design for over 11 years. He used to work for two of the top office furniture enterprises in China. He lead the design of best-selling office furniture with amazing record of 37millions pieces annual sales of a single product.