Rue Stackable Ratten Dinning Chair

Our Concept

“Sensilla” is taken from the Spanish words “Sencillo” and “Silla” which means simple. This chair may be simple in design but has a cool, modern style of its own. It comes in an array of astonishing colors that will bring fun and life into your living space. The simple yet elegant design of the Sensilla chair makes for an extremely comfortable ergonomic sitting piece that is great for indoor or outdoor use. The curved back offers great support, while the chair legs are designed for stability. These chairs compliment any living space! 


Dimension :495mm x 525mm x 820mm / Seat Height: 450mm
Net Weight : 3.4 kg
Material : Polypropylene, Glass Fiber
Color : Iron Gray / Gray / White / Blue / Green / Red / Fuchsia / Orange / Yellow